Gangnam Style

We woke up to an incredible breakfast at the Hanok (traditional Korean house). The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Joo, of the house (DahmSoJung Guesthouse) were very nice.






We finished off the morning walking around Bukchon. The first picture is of the tops of the traditional houses, and the second pictures is of jars used to store kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage)




From there we went to Gangnam (known for its upscale shopping and club life and popularized by the K-pop song by Korean artist Psy). Gangnam felt kind of a like a blend between the boutique feel of SoHo and the big-building vibe of 5th Ave in New York. We were able to meet up with my friend Joseph for some food, which was awesome.




After that we went to a board game cafe where my friend Jindallae used to work!



CULTURAL NOTE: The subways in Korea are taken to an entirely next level. The subway is essentially like an underground shopping mall. AND, people actually line up (for the most part) to get on the trains!







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