Month 1: Growing Pains

I have been in Myanmar for about one month, so I wanted to step back and write my first reflection. The most apparent realization is that this is a country undergoing tremendous change. On the one hand sewage runs in opened drains, and on the other hand new construction is omnipresent. Roadside restaurants offer meals…

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Month 2: Reality

I am about a week early on this second reflection piece, but I wanted to write something given the concern that many have voiced (or are likely feeling) given some of the challenges I’ve faced on with my health. This last month has been filled with a number of awesome experiences on the work front.…

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Month 3: Catching the Wind

This is the last post before I return to the U.S. for Christmas and New Year’s (Merry Christmas to everyone!). I am going to use this post as my third reflection piece. I draw upon sailing for the theme of this third reflection (although, unfortunately, I have yet to go sailing here). It took me some time to get…

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Month 10: Deep Reflection

A lot has taken place over the last 6 months. I’ve decided share some of the thinking I’ve been doing. Writing this has also been helpful for me as I process my thoughts. For context, I have recently left Proximity Designs (the “Updates” section has more info), which has provided me with more time to reflect on some…

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Month 14: Living Today

I will be departing from Myanmar on Dec. 4th and arriving back to the U.S. on Dec. 8th after spending a few days in Seoul. It’s unclear if/when I will be returning to Myanmar. Since leaving Proximity in July, I’ve spent time in an ethnic region, conducted independent consulting work for a human rights group, spent dozens…

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