A Peek into Downtown

Not much to post today. I plan to go on a tour tomorrow of some of the old buildings, but I had a chance to walk around a bit today and was just at the tip of the downtown area. Again, I was most impacted by the contrast between new and old.

Here is a new office building:


Here is the building directly across from it:


Here is a picture that shows the two buildings:


I believe this is one of the roads that runs into downtown (I am taking the picture from the north-most point — there will be a lot to explore!):


Here is a row of buildings where you can almost see development happening in real time:


The Shangri-La Hotel (formerly called Traders, which it is still referred to as) is at the beginning of the row:


I had a great dinner tonight with some folks from Proximity, and it looks like I’ll be heading into the country late next week to speak with some customers, which should be awesome.



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