Workin’ Man

I’m back to work, and it is fantastic. Part of the first day was actually at an Irrigation Product kick-off meeting, where all the Irrigation Product sales people from around the country came in to touch base.


How do you carry a wallet and a cellphone when you are wearing a longyi? This is how:


I’ve also spent time touching base with my work partner Su Mon, which has been fantastic. We’ve been working on mapping out the strategy for restructuring/launching the Energy business.

The office environment has been great. It feels like a start-up with everyone sitting together on the same floor and without cubicles or major obstructions to the flow.

This Thursday night I will be taking an overnight bus to Pokokku farther north in Myanmar (I think it’s about an 8 hour drive). I will be visiting towns and villagers there to better understand our customers / future customers (I plan to come back Saturday night / Sunday morning). I’m very excited.

Here’s a map:

Yangon to Pakokku Map

That’s all for today. I’ll try to post another update soon, although it may not be until I am back in town after the trip.

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