Internet! Catching up from Pakokku

So internet for the last week has been limited to the office, during which time I’ve been busy so haven’t had time to post anything. However, given that today is Saturday, I have some time to catch up.

First things first, I had some content from Pakokku that I didn’t get to share. I am going to post that first and then I will move on to the newer stuff.

We spent a lot of time on motorbikes. Here is a picture:


And here is a video (the password is “Myanmar”). You can see the progression of how the road degrades/narrows the farther out you get.

[music credit: Zero 7 – When It Falls]

I’ve never seen such an unusual sight in the sky. I think the light was streaming through the water vapor creating sort of a rainbow pool in the sky:


Here is a bridge that we saw:



And here is pagoda by the bridge:


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