With some help from Taiei to get me started, I was able to mock up a couple bed designs in a program called SketchUp (I’m planning to have a bed frame built). It was a lot of fun, and I found the program to be very accessible to a layperson. It really helped me to visualize the dimensions/shapes/colors of each component and how they would look together.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.49.00 PM

I also went to an Indian cultural event this weekend with a friend. It brought back memories of the Indian cultural events that used to happen at Sloan (it made me want to dance with the Indian crew again!).


I also took a trip back to the shopping center Yuzana Plaza (I had mentioned it in a previous post).


Again, some of the furniture was mind-boggling. Check out this armchair (I forgot if I had posted this the first time I saw it):


This is a Korean food/snack place that opened in Pearl Condo. It has a Korean shaved ice snack called Patbinsu that I love (although I have yet to try it at this restaurant).


Here’s a picture of some electrical connections at Pearl Condo:


Loving the chalk wall at our apartment!


2 thoughts on “SketchUp

  1. Hi Steve! I am happy to see you are doing well! The apartment looks great – I love the chalkboard wall!! Looks like we are getting a big snow storm this week. Hope all continues to go well!!

  2. Thanks for all the posts Steve! Love hearing from you! Looks like you are doing well. Lucky you’re not here. Just had a storm, and now getting another 2 feet of snow!!!!!!! Take care.


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