Updates from Radio Silence

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence. I wanted to share some more pictures with you all.

Here is a Buddhist-style wedding I went to recently. The bride helps run the snack shop by our office, and I stop by quite frequently. Many people came to the reception, which is kind of like a rotating door system. You come in, say hi to the bride and the groom, eat, and then leave. From what I’ve heard, the marriage ceremony is a smaller gathering held earlier in the morning — I wasn’t invited to that segment.


I’m still eating well! Here is a Japanese-style hot-pot we had at our apartment recently (a broth is added to the pan and you eat it after the food cooks on a burner at the table — the meat isn’t shown in this picture).


The tropical fruit has been AMAZING. We have entered mango season. As of now they are going for around 40 cents a piece.


Here is one of our housemates (~5-6 inches long).


This is one of the strangest insects I have ever seen. It was probably about 2-3 inches long.


Taiei and I were invited to dinner one night at the apartment of one of our colleagues (mostly meat and cheese from Germany). These nuts were pretty interesting. The pistachios were grown by our colleagues wife in Kyrgyzstan and the walnuts came from Iran (not sure I’d be allows to eat those in the US!).


If you have yet to see the Thingyan Water Festival movie that I posted, I’d recommend that you have a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5QjoZjKNP0


Hope you are all well.

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