KFC Yangon + Life on the Street

The first major U.S. fast food chain is entering Myanmar. This picture is of the first KFC location, which is currently under construction (it is in front of Bogyoke Market).


On a separate note, next time you run into a nest of cables that you have to untangle, think of this guy (I saw this today while walking Downtown):


A couple weeks ago I randomly ran into a guy (~20-22 years old) who works at the company where I had my bed made. I soon found out that he is homeless and lives on the street with his mother (who he says is mentally handicapped). I had him over to my apartment to do some carpentry work, which he did one eventing, but he soon after mentioned that his mother is very sick, so he had to put the work on hold. I figured I’d swing by today to see if I could catch up with him in person. I met a guy (~18 years old) who works at the tea shop by where he lives,  and I was told he was working today. I did get to chat with some of the folks at the tea shop for a bit, which was interesting. I feel that I have to exercise some caution, but I also feel that it is important to be a part of the local community and get to know the local people.

That tarp by the wall where that woman is sleeping is his home (I am taking the picture from the nearby tea shop).


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