Kokine Swimming Pool & Food Pairings

I went for a swim today, which was a lot of fun. There is a pool not far from where I live called Kokine Swimming Club. I took pictures of the two outdoor pools, which you can see below. Unfortunatley “beach wear” is not allowed, so instead of wearing my board shorts, I had to borrow a Speedo from the club (less than ideal!).



The tropical fruit selection has been fantastic. Here’s a picture of our fruit bowl as of earlier today:


If you haven’t heard about this before, here is a screenshot of a food pairings guide that is commonly followed by locals here in Yangon — the red text denotes the effects of eating the food combination (I found a screenshot on Reddit). I was warned once about the mangosteen/sugar combination.


Finally, I was shocked when I recently went to a Chinese food restaurant here in Yangon (called Golden Duck) with some friends and found “Shark Fin Soup” on the menu. I’ve heard about this dish through documentaries and such that describe the horrific practices used to harvest shark fins (we didn’t order the dish). Here is a snapshot of the menu:


That’s all for now. Hope you’re all well!

One thought on “Kokine Swimming Pool & Food Pairings

  1. What is the Mangosteen+suger effect? I can’t see it~~~
    We also have shark fin soup in many Chinese restaurant in Korea. But a lot of them actually use crab meat instead. Wonder whether that’s the case there. Shark fin is quite expensive.

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