Myanmar (Burmese) food. The below few pictures will give you a sense of what it’s like. Typically it is small portions of meat or vegetables served with steamed white rice. It is heavy on the oil. The third image is a close-up of tea-leaf salad, a staple of Myanmar cuisine.




This is an image of dried mutton (goat is commonly eaten here). This particularly dish is common in the Dry Zone (central part of Myanmar).


This is a popular restaurant chain in Yangon. They specialize in kyay-oh (pronounced “jay-oh”), which is essentially a noodle soup.


Tropical fruits abound and can be found throughout the city at street stalls or in grocery stores. This image shows mango, lychee, and rambutan (the other thing is dried chili’s — just for decoration).


Cooking your own stuff is definitely also an option. Wet markets on the street sell all types of foods. Here you can see some seafood we purchased for a meal.




There is also a grocery store chain called “City Mart,” which is popular here. This picture is of “City Mart Marketplace,” a higher end grocery store here in Yangon.


Of course you’ll find that rice is ubiquitous at meals. Here’s a picture I took in the Myanmar delta (the rice bowl of the country).


There are also many foreign foods.

This is from Lotteria, a Korean fast food place (specialized in fried chicken).


This is from a Japanese place called Fuji.


This is from a Japanese place called Sakura.


This is from a place called Sprouts that serves salads and fresh sandwiches.


And some strangely familiar sights. Dunkin’ Donuts?


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