What is your name?

Steve Frechette

Where are you from?

Connecticut, U.S.A.

What do you do in Yangon?

I will be working with a social enterprise, Proximity Designs, to help bring electricity to the off-grid rural population.

What is your favorite food?

oun-ta-min (coconut rice)

What is your favorite movie?

TRON: Legacy

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Learn new cultures.

What makes you unique / What is most important to you?

I love connecting with people from around the world. I believe that the more we better understand and love each other, the less hatred and violence we will see in the world.

What makes you happiest about the country Myanmar?

Their is the potential for incredible change given the shifting sentiment of the country’s leadership.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for Myanmar?

Striking a balance between a willingness to change while also maintaining the unique culture and traditions of the country.

When I say “United States” — what is your first thought?

Blessed to have the wealth and stability that we have enjoyed.

Photo credit: Duen Krittika

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