After the ~14 hour flight, I made it to Korea!




The flight went by quickly. Here is roughly how I spent the time:

  • 1 hour: Games and music on the console. Plus a bit of Burmese language practice
  • 1 hour: Snacks + drinks from attendants, followed by the first meal (I went with the bibimbap)
  • 1 hour: Watched the first hour of Captain America: Winter Soldier
  • 3 hours: Sleep
  • 1 hour: Second half of Winter Soldier
  • 1 hour: Next meal, which was chicken and rice
  • 2 hours: Watched Maleficent
  • 3 hours: Sleep
  • 40 minutes: Prep for landing and land (flip through a magazine, etc.)


After landing I met up with Corrine and Jindallae (friends from Sloan) and we went out for a great dinner.

I’ll end today with some initial observations:

  • Korea is very tech-enabled (e.g. sensor-powered drinking fountains, automatic speed cameras on the roads, credit card flash technology)
  • I haven’t seen many foreigners (I was asked twice at the airport if I was U.S. Military)
  • The food is awesome!

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