Apartment Update, New Old Friends, and Busy at Work

So the apartment where I am staying I was sharing with two other people. Last weekend, one of those people moved out (he’s getting married), so now it is just two of us. We spent Saturday helping him to move, and then later that day (and a chunk of Sunday) we spent shopping for different things for the apartment.

Shopping was quite an experience. Luckily there is a place called Ocean that is the closest thing to a Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. However, stock was quite limited, which meant we went downtown to where there are tons of small shops that sell a menagerie of items. On one street alone, there may have been a hundred of these small stores, and each one sells the same or slight variations of the same items.

In the check-out line at Ocean:


Moving-day lunch (grilled chicken sandwich) from Lotteria (the first, and perhaps only, fast food chain that exists in Myanmar):


Meal from the first night at the apartment with just Taiei and me (I made the side salad and Taiei prepared the main dish — it was so good!):


Last weekend one of my friends from Boston (May Kyi Han — see the “People” section of the website) returned to Myanmar for a couple months. She introduced me to her family, which was fantastic. It’s great to have more friendly faces and to have the opportunity to push deeper into local Burmese culture.

Finally, work has been very busy. We are pushing hard to both restructure the business and work through the details of a new product. I’ve been working on everything from financial modeling, market sizing, product selections, and roll-out strategy. With the plan coming together, we will be looking to push forward on execution.

Some random other pictures:

Here is a Japanese dinner prepared by Taiei from not last Friday but the previous one. We invited a Burmese family that lives in our building. They were great.


Here is what our the ceramic filter looks like after filtering our tap water for a week. It was originally all bright white:


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