Month 3: Catching the Wind

This is the last post before I return to the U.S. for Christmas and New Year’s (Merry Christmas to everyone!). I am going to use this post as my third reflection piece.

I draw upon sailing for the theme of this third reflection (although, unfortunately, I have yet to go sailing here). It took me some time to get my sea legs (and I got “sea sick”) but then I had a chance to try and figure out how to turn the boat in and out of the wind and shift the boom in order to make progress. This last month I’ve been “catching the wind” as I move forward through the water.

On the work front I’ve been able to bring together the work I’ve done over the past few months in order to recommend a go-forward strategy for the team. Having the flexibility to put this together, and touch base with others in the organization on it, was great. My recommendation is a new path for the organization, but an exciting one. It has been incredible to be on the cutting edge of rural development though providing access to energy.

Outside the office I have been getting more settled into my apartment, cooking, and getting some exercise. My health has much improved (to be honest, I did throw up last weekend, but it was because I was sprinting around with a bunch of kids from an orphanage and am so out of shape!).

My Burmese continue to improve, with the help of many of my colleagues and the locals here. Some people at the office have asked me to start teaching them English more formally.

At Church, I have met a few people, which it would be great to expand upon to continue building community at the parish. Through my roommate, Taiei, I have met other Christians from the church he attends (Yangon New Life Church). Through these people I have been able to participate in more things. For example, these pictures are from a Christmas party arranged for children at an orphanage run by one of the members of Yangon New Life Church (the kids did some performances, which was awesome, and they also got gifts):




Here are a couple pictures from the office (taken by one of the employees, Kyaw Ko Ko, who was using my camera). The first picture is of the head of the design team (Geoff), and the second is of me at my desk.



That’s all for now. Hoping to see many of you back in the U.S. for Christmas and New Year’s!

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