Building Furniture, Frying Fish

Most of the furniture in our apartment (and most of the Apartment itself) was built, designed, and/or remodeled by us (mostly Taiei and David, the two Stanford engineers who originally found and set up the apartment).

So with that, Taiei decided to design and build a TV stand for our apartment. Fortunately for me, I got a chance to help out and see (and document!) some of the process. It was a lot of fun getting into the mix and experiencing the satisfaction of having helped produce a finished piece.

Here is Taiei at the schematics:



Two of the design team members offered to help as well. Here is Taiei providing some direction:


Made of solid sheets of metal, the stand had to be welded together piece by piece. Fortunately, we had a master welder helping us:



We then used electric wire brushes to smooth out the surfaces (Taiei had previously wire-brushed all the medal to polish it):



Unfortunately we had to deal with flying metal. You can see one of the metal fibers that shot into my shorts, and another that grazed my arm:



After polishing with the wire brush and wiping down all the surfaces with paint thinner, we applied urethane to prevent the metal from rusting:


We were excited as the piece neared the finish line:


We also had enough leftover material to make a separate box that we may mount in the kitchen:


There is a cool pattern that emerged from brushing the metal:


In addition to experimenting at the workshop, we also had a chance to experiment in the kitchen. We bought a fish from a local market and attempted to filet it (Taiei was banking on his Japanese genetics; I was referencing my cookbook, How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman):





We also bought some prawns (again, Taiei took the lead on prep):



We’ve been getting some fresh organic vegetables delivered to us from Shan State up in the north of the country. They are incredible. Here is a picture of the beats:


Here are some of the final dishes (we decided to prepare the fish two ways: 1) with rosemary, and 2) battered. The second picture below shows the former):



Finally, I wanted to mention that I had a chance to meet up with colleagues last weekend. We went outside of the city to a friend’s house. It was nice being able to spend time with friends in a tranquil environment.



One thought on “Building Furniture, Frying Fish

  1. Pretty impressive!!!! I’m amazed you guys build that with metal!!! Rob showed grandma pictures of the fish. As always, she enjoys seeing the pictures. Take care!!!

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