Indonesian Mass

One of my friends from church, Linda from Indonesia, invited me to a Catholic Mass today celebrated by an Indonesian priest for a small group of mostly Indonesians living in Yangon. The Mass was held primarily in Bahasa, but everyone was very kind, and the food afterward was great.

Here’s a picture of the room used as a chapel:


Here is some text from the Mass so you can get a sense of what Bahasa sounds like:



Here’s my friend Linda and some of the food:


Here’s the whole group. Do I really stick out that much??


I learned that Indonesians love to joke around and laugh, and are not a quiet bunch!

In other news, I picked up a bed at the shopping mall called Yusana Plaza that I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I was pretty surprised to see one of the options (which I did not buy) that is pretty much just a wrapped block of foam (talk about a firm mattress!):


Finally, I thought it was pretty funny to see what our apartment cleaning service apparently thinks my name is. It could be worse!


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