“An Embedded Photographer Empowers the Poor”

I saw this article today and found it powerful. I would encourage you to also take a look through the slideshow.


An example sticks out in my mind of a time when I saw white foreigners taking pictures of a Burmese street vendor, getting up close to him and smiling/chuckling as he took the picture and the Burmese man sort of smiled while looking awkwardly to the side. It felt like the Burmese man was the subject of some show or exhibit. When I see this, sometimes I get the feeling that people are just trying to get a great picture of “the developing world.” I have been guilty of this as well.

This article describes Shehab Uddin, who after studying how Western Media represented poor people, decided to take a different approach. Here are a couple snippets:

“Mr. Uddin not only asked permission to photograph poor people. He also moved in with several families and later had them help select the images that he would exhibit in their neighborhoods.”

“Mr. Uddin believes that Western media and nongovernmental organizations too often wrongly portray impoverished people as monolithic. That approach may evoke sympathy and open wallets. But he said they also need more: social support and education.”

Here is the link again to the full article:


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