Made it to Korea

After the ~14 hour flight, I made it to Korea! The flight went by quickly. Here is roughly how I spent the time: 1 hour: Games and music on the console. Plus a bit of Burmese language practice 1 hour: Snacks + drinks from attendants, followed by the first meal (I went with the bibimbap)…

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Today is Chuseok in Korea, which can be most closely related to Thanksgiving in the U.S. People get together with their families in their hometowns to celebrate together. Sometimes gift sets are given, such as this Spam one (Spam is hugely popular in Korea and serves as a prominent ingredient in some dishes). Last night…

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A Tourist in Seoul

Yesterday we went to the Hanwha Building (Building 63) for some amazing views of Seoul. We also went to an aquarium and a wax museum, which were all part of the “big 3” ticket bundle.   After that we swung by Hyosung, which is where my friend Jindallae works, and we finished off the day…

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Gangnam Style

We woke up to an incredible breakfast at the Hanok (traditional Korean house). The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Joo, of the house (DahmSoJung Guesthouse) were very nice.   We finished off the morning walking around Bukchon. The first picture is of the tops of the traditional houses, and the second pictures is of jars used…

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To the Border

As I write this I am in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok waiting for my transfer flight to Yangon, Myanmar. I haven’t been able to update in the last couple days, but I am hoping to catch up on that now. On Thursday I spent the day on a tour of Panmunjom (aka JSA – Joint Security…

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