Mosquito Management

Over the months we have accrued quite the lineup of mosquito-fighting equipment. I thought you’d all find it interested to see the collection.


From left to right:

Mosquito Repellant Lotion – Apply to the skin directly to keep mosquitos away

Mosquito Repellent Incense – The device holds a bottle of liquid with a wick, and once plugged in and turned on, the wick heats up and emits a vapor

Mosquito Fan – Our newest addition, this device has a UV light to attract mosquitos and then a fan that sucks them into a grated container where the UV light dehydrates them until they die

Electric Mosquito-killing Racquet – When a mosquito hits the outer and inner metal segments, completing the circuit, an electric burst kills the mosquito

Mosquito Net – The tried and try mosquito net is bulky, a pain to set up and enter/exit, and constricting to sleep under, but it is the most effective mechanism to stop mosquitos

Of course, I forgot to include the screens on our windows, which would be the ideal solution, but somehow the mosquitos still get in. We are thinking of caulking the window screen frames.

Out of the solutions listed above, they all have their issues: the lotion wears off (and you have to wear it on your skin), the incense releases a vapor that is questionable to be breathing in every night, all night, the fan apparently works best in unlit rooms where it has been running for some time before people enter, the racquet requires patience and a decent amount of hand-eye coordination, and the net is bulky. Nonetheless, we are trying our best with the tools at our disposal!

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